Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wednesday 20th May 2015

 Harvested 10 grams of fresh chives to use in a egg, Cheshire cheese,chive and mayonnaise sandwich filler.

 Early evening I pricked out the following seedlings: Brussels sprouts Darkmar 21, Spinach Emilla, Hamburg Parsley, Dill , Cabbage Greyhound, Couve Tronchuda, and Turnip Snowball.
 The following sowings failed mainly due to a hungry mouse visiting the greenhouse: Turnip Petrowski, Cucumber Marketmore, Marrow long green Bush, Kale Nero di Toscana and Spinach Beet. I also took the opportunity to refresh the water in the sweet potatoes that I'm attempting to grow 'slips' from
2 Bushbok Sweet Potatoes one growing vines from the top the other below the waterline with roots.
 After dinner I visited the allotment to put the seedlings in to the polytunnel . During the visit I spent time sorting out empty plant pots and compost in the polytunnel assembling some bread trays to act as storage near the entrance as well as harvesting 100g of Swiss Chard which was given to our parakeets as a treat.

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