Wednesday, 1 December 2021

December 2021


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1st Wednesday - Had my Covid booster jam this morning. The afternoon was spent at a local primary school whilst the year 6 pupils asked questions about allotments, the Dig For Victory campaign and growing up locally during the war whilst the whole questions and answers session was filmed with the audio being donated to the local archives.
2nd Thursday - Had a wisdom tooth removed and spent most of the afternoon resting. Scanned in some old wartime family photos that I'd used the previous day and forwarded to be edited into the final film. Got around to sorting out the allotment association's seed order into individual members' orders. 
3rd Friday - Dropped off the seed orders at our community hut at the allotments. Emptied the kitchen's compost caddy into a compost bin. Leaves are falling quicker than I can tidy them up on the allotment plot. Will need to spend time tidying them up. Spent the afternoon at the community garden laying composite decking in the polytunnel.
4th Saturday - Stormy weather today with heavy constant rain. Managed to continue with the decking in the polytunnel on the community garden.
5th Sunday - Christmas is coming and now I'm beginning to panic that I might not complete all that I want. Currently have a dining room to declutter gardening paraphernalia before dressing the room for the festive season. Glad that I've managed to bring both the Facebook and Twitter feeds up to date. Time to crack on.
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11th Saturday - Another day of rain. Spent 3 hours in the kitchen before several hours at the community garden continuing the decking in the polytunnel.
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