Sunday, 10 May 2015

9th May 2015

 Saturday 9th May 2015 . It's a wet weekend so far as Britain celebrates the 70th Anniversary of V.E. Day . Today I received some free wildflower seeds from the BBC.

Free seeds from the BBC & Kew . Now to find a place for them to grow.
 I recycled a 500g margarine in to plant labels . Whilst in the kitchen I had an apple, banana and pear that needed using up so I created some dairy free muffins in the afternoon.

In the evening I rehydrated some of the coco coir that I received earlier this year as a present . I then used the hydrated coco coir to fill used toilet roll tubes and sowed various beans in them.

The following were sown : Runner Beans ( Streamline , Firestorm & Scarlet Emperor ),
Dwarf French Beans ( Ferrari & Tendergreen ) , Climbing Beans ( Blue Lake , Borlotti (Lingua di Fuoco) & Cosse Violet ) as well as a Broad Bean . The Broad Bean , Borlotti and Cosse Violet (purple podded French Bean) were from seeds I had collected and saved from last year's harvest.

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