Sunday, 2 September 2018

September 2018

Links to Mr. Middleton's tasks 1st (please note that I have not updated all these tasks at present) :

September 1st week.
September 2nd week.
September 3rd week.
September 4th week.
September 5th week.

1st September - the morning was spent peeling and prepping around 50 windfall apples.
 The afternoon was spent at the allotment. The saffron bed was cleared of straying strawberry plants and saffron bulbs, although only one square yard a bucket full of bindweed root was carefully removed from that area. I'd purchased a pound weight of Senshyu onion sets yesterday for 86p and planted those in the cleared and surrounding area. Whilst strawberry runners replaced the existing plants that bordered the bed.
 Harvested some raspberries, cherry tomatoes & windfall apples.

Didn't keep up with updates for the 30 days in between.

 I'm commencing the weeks in 2018 on Saturdays so September 29th began the start of the 5th week.
2nd October- Purchased this week were 3 Mr Middleton books from before the war: Mr. Middleton's Garden Book, Mr. Middleton talks about Gardening and Mr Middleton Suggests. Also bought a Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) shrub to plant at the allotment.
3rd October - Visited the allotment this morning. Put the Goji Berry saplings in a plant pot for now. Used the hoe between the broad beans. Planted some shallots. Harvested some cherry tomatoes from the polytunnel, half a dozen apples, a handful of runner beans and 5 courgettes.
4th October - Not much gardening was done today more research, reading and dealing with my duties on the local allotment federation.
5th October - Visited the allotment, gathered some apples and topped up the mouse poison in the polytunnel. I tend to get visitors most winters now. Lifted the blackcurrants I'd harvested in the summer from the freezer and turned them into jam. Did some gardening at home, pruning the rose arch, repotting chrysanthemum cuttings that had rooted. A task I still have to do is grease band my apple trees.

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