Monday, 2 July 2012

Week Ending 7th July 2012

Way back on April 17th I drew up the following list of tasks :

'Tasks I would like to complete before June arrives'

While I've got a spare few minutes I thought I would draw myself up a list of jobs I would like to complete before May is out .
1) Clean all the sacks the gravel came in and store ready to reuse. - task completed
2 )Sort out the front fence , replacing the gate post and gate . Still not done although a post and replacement gate has been 'prepped'
3)lay paving in the fruit cage area and level off the soil up that end , including putting plastic down to subdue the weeds. All done apart from the laying down of weed control.
4)Build fruit cage - task completed .
5)Build lean-to on the side of the shed - still NOT done.
6)Kit the shed out with storage - Still NOT done.
7)Short out flue pipe etc and get stove installed in the shed. - Still NOT installed.
8)Build the cold frames - Still NOT done.
9)Sort out the water butts - completed in June.
10) Build climbing nets for beans and peas. Still NOT done
11) Sort out the plastic sheets I've been given into a neat order. - Done
12)Fix party fencing - Still NOT done
13) Plant seeds - Ongoing!
14)Draw up plan of allotment - Started
15)Make shed lock easier to open. - Done
16)Install bench into shed. - still NOT done
17)Sort out the path at the entrance to the shed - Done
18)Womble more bricks - Done
19)Womble fence post - Done
20)Womble blocks to raise stove up on - Done
21)Womble more paving - Done
22)Womble some guttering for shed roof
23)Transfer fruit canes to the allotment - Done
24)Bring up fruit trees and equipment from the old plot - Done
25)Install wallplanner and enjoy. - Done apart from the 'enjoy' bit.

Week Ending 30th June 2012

Apart from a touch of weeding all that was completed this week was the harvesting of blackcurrants and some raspberries along with enough rhubarb stalks to make a crumble on July 2nd . It has and still continues to rain . This week has seen flash floods in the NorthWest of England that are totally out of character. Not a good gardening week although I was occupied at home trying to re-arrange our own backyard.

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