Saturday, 4 July 2020

July 2020

Links to Mr Middleton's weekly tasks first:

1st (Wed) - Both my allotment neighbours are currently shielding from Covid-19 and so I volunteered to tend their plots, which I have been doing for 100 days now. I spent several hours this morning, in the rain, weeding and raking my left-hand neighbour's plot before planting several squash plants on there. On my own plot peas are swelling, cardoons and courgettes are in bloom. At home, the hedges that surround the front garden were pruned. Rose, Paul's Scarlet and Lillies were cut to fill a vase in the living room.
2nd (Thur) - Another rainy day but the apples are growing nicely. The lemon balm and peppermint were trimmed back as they had started to grow wild. I cleared a bed that had previously been occupied with garlic and onions and planted out some sweetcorn and dwarf french bean plants that I had growing in pots. I harvested Mexican Tree Spinach, young leaves for salads and large leaves for steaming. Cleared some more of my left-hand neighbour's plot.
 In the kitchen, I transformed 500grams of raspberries harvested on June 30th in to and a further 100grams of raspberries were used to make flapjacks. Better late than never the remainder of my tomato plants were planted the beds of the polytunnel.
3rd (Fri) -  Watered the plants in the polytunnel. The runner beans and broads beans are growing well. Too much rain today to carry out any allotment work.  In the kitchen, I finally used up the strawberries harvested earlier in the week.
4th (Sat) - On approach to my plot, my former association secretary offered me some lettuce plants that he had spare. There turned out to be 17 in total looking rather like Romaine. I planted out 9 of the lettuce plants today, watered the plants in the polytunnel before my wife and I harvested gooseberries, raspberries (gold & red), strawberries and peas. Brought home some of the onions harvested last week as last year's harvest is nearly exhausted.
5th (Sun)  - Harvested rhubarb, gooseberries (red & green), peas, strawberries, raspberries along with onions and shallots.
6th (Mon) - Currently on a staycation this week. Harvested peas today.
7th (Tue)  - Rain all today and no visit took place to the allotment today.
8th (Wed) - TBC
9th (Thur) - TBC
10th (Fri) - TBC
11th (Sat) - No visit to the allotment today.
12th (Sun) - TBC
13th (Mon) - TBC
14th (Tue) - TBC
15th (Wed) - Diagnosed with a meniscal tear in my right knee today after twisting my knee a few days earlier at work. 
16th  (Thur) - TBC
17th (Fri) - Harvested peas and raspberries today. Planted out dwarf green bean plants. Pruned both a pear tree and apple tree that showed signs of rust on their leaves. Trimmed Jerusalem Artichokes down to the height of four feet. Emptied the rotating compost bin using the contents as mulch around the base of the raspberries. Trimmed all the comfrey plants and filling up the rotating compost bin again.
18th (Sat) - Non-stop rain all today.
19th -
20th -
21st (Tue) - Visited the allotment today, watered plants but not much else as now struggling to walk due to the injury to my right knee.
22nd  (Wed) - No allotment visit today. Baked a deep filled blackcurrant pie using a kilo of the blackcurrants from last Wednesday's harvest.
23rd (Thur) - No allotment visit today. Baked 2 rhubarb plate pies today.
24th (Fri) - No allotment visit today. 
25th (Sat) - First visit to the allotment since Tuesday after the necessity to rest my leg. Harvested broad beans, peas (Ne Plus Utlra & Mangetout), beetroot, marrow, onions and garlic.
26th -
27th -
28th -
29th -
30th -
31st -

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