Monday, 11 May 2015

Monday 11th May 2015

Sown the following tomato varieties today : Moneymaker , Cheshire Temptation , Marmande , Roma VF , Alicante , San Marzano , Tumbling Tom , Cerise , Tiger Striped and Pink Brandywine .
Sown the following pepper varieties today : Cayenne , Cherry Bomb, California Wonder , Mini Sweet Pointed , Red Marconi , Jalapeno , Habenero , Anaheim and Thai Chilli.
Also sown the following : Summer Squash (Custard White) , Winter Squash (variety unknown as self collected last year.) , Winter Squash (Sweet Dumpling) , Butternut Squash , Courgette (Black Forest F1) , Aubergine (Mixed) , Aubergine (Black Enorma) and Sweet Corn (Mini Pop F1).
Also I finished sowing the following beans : French Bean (Achim (dwarf)) , Broad Bean (Bunyards Exhibition) , Bean Yard Long (Metro Rouge) , Runner Beans (Enorma, White Emergo and Painted Lady ) , Borlotti (bush type) and Asparagus Pea.
 All the above were sown in coco coir . I am late on the tomato , pepper and aubergine front but that is because previous sowings have failed or suffered frost damage . I am quickly going through my collection of seeds sowing as much as I can whilst the sun shines.

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