Saturday, 21 April 2012

Week ending 21st April 2012

The plot is looking a touch scruffy this week to say the least as it has rained most days and domestic chores have pre-occupied my time .
As I type out this entry a section of vitreous stove pipe as just arrived so adding that to a section of flame resistant pipe I bought for £6.99 at Wickes last night and a cowl I was fortunate enough to womble I should be able to install the stove in the next few weeks.
 With regards to the other tasks on my list one of the new locks I fitted to the shed bust last night in the sense that the key snapped in the lock so I've bought a triple pack of locks last night that all use the same key to help simplify the keyring. I have however brought the gravel sacks home and I am slowly washing them and drying them out to reuse later on .

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tasks I would like to complete before June arrives

While I've got a spare few minutes I thought I would draw myself up a list of jobs I would like to complete before May is out .
1) Clean all the sacks the gravel came in and store ready to reuse.
2 )Sort out the front fence , replacing the gate post and gate .
3)lay paving in the fruit cage area and level off the soil up that end , including putting plastic down to subdue the weeds.
4)Build fruit cage
5)Build lean-to on the side of the shed
6)Kit the shed out with storage
7)Short out flue pipe etc and get stove installed in the shed.
8)Build the cold frames
9)Sort out the water butts
10) Build climbing nets for beans and peas.
11) Sort out the plastic sheets I've been given into a neat order.
12)Fix party fencing
13) Plant seeds
14)Draw up plan of allotment
15)Make shed lock easier to open.
16)Install bench into shed.
17)Sort out the path at the entrance to the shed
18)Womble more bricks
19)Womble fence post
20)Womble blocks to raise stove up on
21)Womble more paving
22)Womble some guttering for shed roof
23)Transfer fruit canes to the allotment
24)Bring up fruit trees and equipment from the old plot
25)Install wallplanner and enjoy.

Tuesday 17th April 2012

Popped briefly to the plot this morning and met up with Billy who promptly gave me a pine chest of drawers for my new shed that he'd offered me a few weeks ago. In return I gave Billy a Jasmine cutting that I took to the plot the other day and also promised Billy 6 tomato seedlings that I have growing at home . Well all his hand outs and free labour have helped bring my plot on quicker. I really need to draw up a list of jobs that I wish to do before mass planting occurs.
 That's all I have time to write for no , so thank you for popping by and reading, Paul

Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday 16th April 2012

Only paid a very brief visit . Met Billy who gave me a length of wood and some plastic fencing . In reality I wanted to check on the garden peas as there had been ground frosts during the night. Totally forgot and went home.
Early evening planted some Hot Patio Sizzle , Chillis and Sweet Pointed Pepper seeds before getting ready for work.

Sunday 15th April 2012

I only made a brief visit today mainly to take up some plants from home.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Long Time No Write , 15th April 2012

Well it seems I have been very distracted indeed . From April 9th - 11th I was laying foundations for the new shed which arrived in the afternoon of the 11th .

On the 12th I painted the exterior of the shed whilst also attaching locks on the door and an internal wall cupboard.

I've spent too many days now looking for stove pipes and getting beaten at the last minute on Ebay.

Lots of ideas floating around my head I really need to focus and get on top of it also that I can begin the growing process.

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