Monday, 28 February 2022

March 2022

 Here are the links to Mr. Middleton's tasks for the month of March:

 (please note that I have not updated all these tasks at present) :

1st (Tuesday) Visited the community garden this afternoon.
2nd (Wednesday) A rather bizarre event concerning the allotment federation. It would appear that the vice-chair has attended meetings with the local authority and has been totally clueless throughout. As the secretary, I have spent today comprehending where things went wrong and formulating a response.
3rd (Thursday) As the secretary, I have responded to the local authority and took the liberty to take a sabbatical from the position of the federation's secretary.
4th (Friday) Visited the community garden.
5th (Saturday) Spent several hours planting trees at the community garden. Managed to get 32 in the ground today.
6th (Sunday) Visited the allotment, replanted the fig tree. Cleared up one side of the polytunnel ready for seed trays. Dug up and relocated a plum tree. Removed two large branches from the old apple tree to make space for the polytunnel's relocation. Began lifting paving flags to lay as the base for the polytunnel. Planted some Ruby Streaks, mustard greens in the front Jerusalem artichoke bed which will grow as a catch crop. Harvested salad leaves, kales and Jerusalem artichokes.  
7th (Monday) No gardening today but did visit the allotment this morning. Focused my attention on pushing for the self-management of the allotment site that I chair the association on.
8th (Tuesday) Moved the pea and sweetpea seedlings into the greenhouse.
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Parsnip Soup

Ingredients :

1 tbsp vegetable oil.

1 medium sized onion finely chopped

1 potato, peeled, washed and finely grated

Parsnips, peeled, washed and sliced

1200 ml of vegetable stock,

Salt and pepper for seasoning.


Heat the vegetable oil in a pan before adding the onion. Reduce the heat and apply the pan lid for a minute or two whilst the onion softens without browning.

Add the veg stock along with the parsnip and potato. Increase the heat to bring the pan to a boil. Once boiling reduce the heat and simmer for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes of simmering remove the pan from the heat. Add salt & pepper to taste before using a stick blender to transform the mixture into a smooth creamy soup ready to serve.

It will keep for several days if refrigerated once cool. You can add chilli peppers if you want a hotter soup.

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