Wednesday, 2 January 2019

January 2019

January 2019 Happy New Year.

New Year's Day falls in the 5th week of December in Mr Middleton's 1945 book. Below is an excerpt of Mr Middleton's New Year musing back in 1935 :

The last visit to the allotment for 2018 and Broad beans (Luz de Otono) still growing well. Kales, oca, Jerusalem and Chinese artichokes along with Swiss chard ready to harvest now. I began weeding. Did some tidying in the fruit cage and began tidying up the apple tree prunings putting aside any suitable to be used instead of canes. In the backyard, at home, I have parsley, bay, basil mint, wild garlic and more Chinese artichokes ready to harvest. Before New Year I finally got around to putting the remainder of my Red Duke and Provence Wight garlic into cells in the greenhouse. Also sown were sweet peas, there were 8 varieties in that batch.(Royals: Crimson, White, Maroon and Blue. Rose Pink, Scented Mix, Striped Mix & Dwarf Bijou Mix.). 
Back now to 2019, January 1st and I managed to do small sowing of the following: Common Cress, Garden Cress, Mizuna, Basil (Sweet Green), Dill, Onion (Mammoth Improved), "Continental" Salad ( Romaine, Frisee, Lollo Rossa & Lambs Lettuce), "Speedy Mix" Salad (Rocket (Victoria), Greek Cress, Mizuna, Mustard Green & Red Frills, Pak Choi Canton White) and finally Triumphator Lettuce.

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