Sunday, 31 January 2021

February 2021

 Here are the links to Mr. Middleton's tasks for the month of February:

1st Monday, bright sunshine in the morning but temperatures still freezing.
2nd Tuesday, snow first thing and then heavy rain all day & night.
3rd Wednesday
4th Thursday
5th Friday - The big freeze begins preventing outdoor work.
6th Saturday
7th Sunday
8th Monday
9th Tuesday
10th Wednesday
11th Thursday
12th Friday
13th Saturday - Visited the allotment, the ground was frozen solid.
14th Sunday
15th Monday - The first day without the ground being frozen.
16th Tuesday
17th Wednesday
18th Thursday
19th Friday
20th Saturday
21st Sunday
22nd Monday
23rd Tuesday
24th Wednesday
25th Thursday
26th Friday
27th Saturday
28th Sunday

Friday, 1 January 2021

January 2021

Well here we are again at the start of another year, I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year and didn’t put on too many unwanted pounds over the festive season. Still, even if you did, it is a good excuse to get out into the garden over the coming weeks as the weather begins to warm up and start preparing for the growing season. I guess I am not the only one, but as soon as January arrives I am eager to start doing something, whether sowing seeds on a warm windowsill or propagator or preparing the allotment ready for planting at the earliest opportunity. Even with this I still run out of time come May/June when everything should be in and growing.

 Below is an excerpt of Mr Middleton's New Year musing back in 1935 :

Click on the links to Mr. Middleton's tasks for January below: 

My 2021 Allotment/Garden/Kitchen Diary below:

1st (Friday) Happy New Year everyone! Visited the allotment today and emptied the kitchen caddy into the compost bin. The ground is covered with snow.
2nd(Saturday) Sown leeks and onions at home.
3rd (Sunday) Typed up the 1st week in January's tasks.  
4th (Monday) Visited the allotment today just to install a wildlife camera to catch unwanted visitors. The ground is covered with snow and ice. England goes into Lockdown for the 3rd time in under a year.
5th (Tuesday) Visited the allotment. The ground is still frozen. Emptied the kitchen caddy into the compost bin. Started harvesting cress.
6th (Wednesday) Frosty weather outside with temperatures below freezing all day.
7th (Thursday) Frosty start to the day that gave way to snow in the afternoon.
8th (Friday) Began chitting King Edward potatoes today.
9th (Saturday) Typed up the remaining January tasks on the above links. Visited the allotment.
10th (Sunday) Transferred the broad beans that had germinated indoors into the cold greenhouse outside. Sown lettuce (Artic King)
11th (Monday) Heavy rain all day today.
12th (Tuesday) Following my car accident today has been the first time in a month that I've driven myself to the allotment. Topped up the compost bin with the kitchen caddy. Cleaned the paths bagging up the leaves and debris to rot down. Harvested just over a kilo of Oca. Put several potted strawberry runners into the polytunnel.
13th (Wednesday) Rain all day today. No outdoor work is undertaken. Checked on the Broadbean seedlings in the greenhouse.
14th (Thursday) Rain again today.
15th (Friday) Rain again today.
16th (Saturday) Rain again today.
17th (Sunday) Rain again today.
18th (Monday) Storm Christoph commenced with excessive rainfall
19th (Tuesday) The storm continues.
20th (Wednesday) Storm Christoph continues with widespread flooding locally. Visited the allotment to see the paths underwater. The evening was filled with heavy snow.
21st (Thursday) Rain again today.
22nd (Friday)
23rd (Saturday)
24th (Sunday) rain, hail & ice today
25th (Monday) ice and rain
26th (Tuesday) 
27th (Wednesday)
28th (Thursday) Emptied kitchen peelings into the compost bin and took several seed trays home.
29th (Friday)
30th (Saturday) rain all today
31st (Sunday)

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