Thursday, 14 May 2015

Thursday 14th May 2015

Morning began with watering the sweet peas I had planted out yesterday in the back garden and the poppies that I had transplanted to the waste ground behind our garden. Today wasn't going to be as sunny as yesterday so I grasped the chance and made some leek and potato soup utilising leeks I had harvested from the allotment last week and kept in the fridge.
 In the afternoon I added some spent compost to the small herb garden in my backyard . I took some onion and leek seedlings that I had sown back in January in the greenhouse to the allotment and planted out the onion seedlings in to the same bed that contained the Showmaster seedlings that I had been given recently.

 I also planted a fig tree that I had growing in a plant pot in my backyard in to a red tub that I had dug a hole for last night . I used the opportunity to dispose of the hedge clippings from my front garden two days ago by putting those in to the base of the red tub prior to placing the fig tree in there and back filling with the soil I had removed whilst digging the hole. 
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