Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Start of June 2013 and my To Do List

Well the allotment has been transformed quite a bit this year but there are still those little tweaks that I would like to carry out to neaten the whole plot so here I go with my latest ‘to do’ list . Hopefully this month I can update as I complete tasks! 1) Repair and strengthen the fruit cage where last winter’s snow caused damage . 2) Edge the paths in the fruit cage and keep up with weeding in there. 3) Fasten down the netting on the fruit cage and fasten fruit canes to their supports. 4) Pot on and plant out when possible the current seedlings that I have in the polytunnel and cold frames. 5) Keep up with sowing to ensure late summer and autumn crops. 6) Alter the brick coldframe so that the lights are sloped and also but the lights on hinges and build in some steadies . Reseal the glass in to the lights and repaint . 7) Paint and seal the woodwork on the yellow coldframe. 8) Finish attaching mini fencing around the paths to stop the dog straying on to the cropping areas. 9) Sort out netting to prevent both butterfly and bird attacks on crops.
10) In the polytunnel attach supports via string and netting to support this summer’s crops.
11) Repaint the front fence and shed as well as clean out the shed.
12) Mastic any gaps in the shed caused by shrinkage and knots.
13) Install the woodburning stove (It’s been waiting to be done for 14 months!)
14) Use up the wood (it’s another old shed that’s been donated to me ) at the side of my shed in the following ways :
a) Utilise the base to create a base for my metal shed in the backgarden at home to help combat the condensation problems.
b) Utilise the best of the wood from the front and sides to build a chicken coup in our backgarden and then hopefully we can get some chickens.
c) Utilise what is left in the creation of the lean-to greenhouse.
15) Build a lean-to greenhouse on the side of my shed using up as much double glazed glass as possible for possible winter use.
16) Fill the left hand bed with root veg .
17) Sow carrots , carrots and more carrots between the onions and leeks.
18) Get as many beans in to the ground as possible.
19) Create window boxes for salad crops near my kitchen door.
20) Maintain my gardens.
21) Keep up with composting.
Well there are 30 days in June so I shall see how I much I can do.

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