Wednesday, 16 May 2018

May 2018

Rocket and mustard that had self seeded ready for harvesting.
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2018 has seen us suffer from late frosts and then very warm temperatures to record levels and now midway through the month down to plus 3° Celsius. I've spent far too much of my leisure time this year helping others, the allotment association that I chair has expanded its responsibilities as we create a community plot whilst trying to provide some facilities. So myself, I am behind in the garden AND allotment but as time waits for no one, one must jump in when one can and try to keep ahead of tasks.
16th started to soak some Sweet Corn seeds (Earliking F1) in room temperature water and filled 13 loo roll tubes with compost ready for sowing this afternoon. Visited the allotment and done a bit of weeding was given some sweetpeas plants from a fellow plot holder and duly put them in a small space of ground at the rear of the polytunnel. Carried out some work on the communal area and community plot. More Swiss Chard was harvested.
18th spent several hours weeding the grandmother-in-law's garden and mowing the lawns. The sudden arrival of the sun this month has accelerated the growth of weeds.
19th A bit more time was devoted to the Community Plot today. My neighboring plotholders gave me some seedlings (beetroot, courgette, habanero chilies, cherry tomatoes and peas), most of which were planted on the plot that afternoon. A considerable amount of weeding was undertaken today. The fruit cage is looking like it needs quite a bit of restoration and pronto before the plants take over.
20th, harvested most of the comfrey putting some into compost bins and filled a watering can with some to rot down in order to make a liquid feed. Seedlings watered and some garlic, that had been overlooked, growing in plant pots were put into the allium bed.

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