Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tuesday 12th May 2015

Apart from sorting through seeds just to see what hasn't been sown or failed to survive yet nothing was done vegetable wise in the garden . A brief check on the polytunnel in the evening to see how things were progressing in there.
The day had been spent tidying up the front garden . There was an obelisk that had been damaged by the March winds and although I replaced the metal work sadly the newer ones that were available were not as good as the original being much thinner , smaller in height and generally not as sturdy.  Anyway the day had come to make this structure sturdy once more. My front garden being just 4 inches of compost on top of concrete I removed the soil in the area required before drilling 14mm wide holes through the concrete. I disassembled the obelisk and inserted a leg in to each of the 4 holes before reassembling . The roses , Jasmine and other climbers that normally hide the metalwork were cut back severely to stop the wind from moving the structure . I'm hoping that it will get back to its former glory this summer.
Having sorted out the obelisk the surrounding hedges were looking very overgrown so they too were clipped in to shape . I have been trying to grow a hedge, using propagated cuttings from the neighbour's privet hedge that dates back pre-war ,for the past 5 years with the hope to remove the dog rose bushes that I initially planted once we removed the conifers almost 15 years ago now. So a few hours were spent in the front garden and thank goodness as first appearances do count .

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