Monday, 1 November 2021

November 2021

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Allotment & Garden Guide NOVEMBER

2nd , Tuesday - We had a plot inspection today carried out by two council managers, the two that I've been dealing with for the past four years as part of the allotment federation committee. 
3rd , Wednesday - Commenced tidying up my allotment. The hedge was the first thing that was trimmed and tidied.  Harvested courgettes, apples and raspberries. Made courgette fritters. Held an allotment federation meeting tonight which was chaired by the vice-chair who made a hash of the job by failing to read out what I'd spent hours preparing.
4th , Thursday - attended an online meeting with council managers and deputy director as the allotment federation's secretary. Self-management, rule review especially concerning poultry and the allotment budget was discussed.  
5th , Friday - continued harvesting apples and commenced pruning the large apple tree. Completed the allotment association members' seed order for Kings Seeds.
6th , Saturday - put some of the apples into store after sorting them out. Filled a compost bin with leaves. Baked an apple and raspberry loaf. Did a plan for allotment plot alterations commencing immeadiately to be in place for the 2022 growing season.
7th ,Sunday - finished harvesting the apples and pruned the central apple tree on the plot. Sorted through the apples and put more in to store. 
8th ,Monday - cleared away the remnants of the Polestar runner beans. Filled an old compost bag with organic matter as the compost bins are currently full. Cooked an apple crumble.
9th , Tuesday - cleared away the remnants of the hops at the allotment.
10th , Wednesday, no allotment visit today. Sent out the minutes to last week's allotment federation meeting. Spent several hours in the kitchen converting 21 courgettes harvested last week into fritters.
11th , Thursday - commenced work on dismantling the fruit cage. Completed some allotment federation correspondence. Acknowledged our local council manager's response to our allotment association's request to become devolved managed.       
12th , Friday - spent the afternoon at the community garden whilst some graffiti artists created some artwork on our building.
13th , Saturday - brief visit to the allotment, spoke with the secretary, pruned some of the fruit trees whilst cutting down runner bean plants that were no longer viable.
14th , Sunday - no actual allotment visit but spoke with the site secretary at the entrance as I was passing. Made an apple & raspberry crumble and cooked up some apples ready to bake some pies tomorrow.

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