Sunday, 10 May 2015

Making Plant Labels

 Don't get me wrong , I have purchased plant labels in the past when they were reduced at the end of the season but one thing that I noticed with quite a few of them was that some didn't last more than a season or two whilst some of my home made labels made from recycling yoghurt pots and margarine containers were still going strong ten years later. 
 Below you can see in the photographs how a 500g margarine tub became 15 plant labels. First of all the margarine tub was thoroughly washed and de-greased . The rims from the lid and tub were removed. 

500g margarine tub . The lid has had its rim removed.
 The de-rimmed tub was then dissected . The narrow ends to be used as small labels whilst the two sides, lid and base are to be cut into plant labels. Before cutting I lightly sanded the white surfaces to make it easier for a pencil to write on it .

The surfaces having been lightly sanded to allow pencil lead to adhere.

 The large sanded rectangle pieces of the margarine tub are then neatened up and cut in to plant labels along with pointed ends.

15 plant label from just a little effort and no outlay (unless you need to purchase sandpaper!)
Another thing that I have decided about plant labels this year is that I will stop writing dates on the label  so that I no longer need to waste my time and effort scrubbing dates off old labels every winter/ spring.

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