Thursday, 8 February 2018

May 2nd Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 6 tasks this week :

1) Plant Out Celery and Celeriac. - Celery is normally in trenches 9-in. apart. Single rows are easier to earth up. Water with liquid manure and watch out for slugs. The plants should have a good ball of roots when lifted from the seed trays. Dusting with old soot keeps celery fly away. Celeriac requires much feeding and a rich soil to get good roots, plant 12 in. apart.

2) Thin Out Seedlings. - Thin rows of seedlings in two stages, leave the first thinning twice as thick as is necessary. This allows plenty of seedlings to cover failures. Caution when thinning carrots as disturbance attracts the carrot fly.

3) Onions and Their Enemies. - Amongst the suggestions to use Calomel dust, naphthalene and paraffin is something a lot more acceptable, parsley growing amongst onions are said to discourage onion fly. Early digging after the harvest exposes pests to the frost and the birds.

4) Plant Cucumbers. - Plant in cold frames that have been made into a hot-bed although the fruit may not be as straight as greenhouse-grown cucumbers.

5) Sow Swedes and Turnips. - Sow now in drills 18-in. apart for swedes, 12-in. apart for turnips.

6) Sow and Plant. - Sow beetroot and haricot beans. Plant out late cauliflower and New Zealand spinach. Apply mulches around any fruit trees that require it.

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