Thursday, 8 February 2018

March 3rd Week

According to Mr Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 7 tasks this week :

1) Work on Sandy Soil. - For those with sandy soils now is the time to add manure, dig and lime.

2) Plant Early Potatoes. - Unless you want to harvest a large number of small potatoes the book recommends reducing the number of sprouts to two on each seed potato. 

3) Plant Out Cauliflowers, Onions, Cabbage. - Autumn sown onions can be planted out. Cauliflowers can be planted out too. You can sow some early cabbage to provide a supply after the spring cabbages are finished. Sprouting broccoli and kales will be your main supply of greens at the moment.
4) Attend to Asparagus Beds. - Lightly fork in the manure that you spread on top in early winter.

5) Outdoor Tomatoes. - Sow seeds for outdoor grown tomatoes now. 

6) Spawn Mushroom Beds. - Earlier made mushroom beds may be cooling, once they reach 75°F walnut sized pieces of spawn should be pushed into the manure. 

7) Look Out for Fruit Diseases. - Warning to be on the look out for "big bud mite" on blackcurrants and spray with a lime sulphur solution, maybe I've been lucky these past few decades but I've NEVER sprayed my soft fruit with anything. Grease bands should not be removed as "there is danger from the March moth"

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