Thursday, 8 February 2018

April 3rd Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 5 tasks this week :

1) Pot Sweet Corn. - Pot up sweetcorn into 5-in. pots. Raise the plants in the greenhouse for planting out later.

2) Prepare Tomatoes for Outdoors. - Prick out seedlings when ready and pot on in to 5-in. pots if space allows.They should be a foot high for the end of May/early June. 
Sow marrows now in the greenhouse only planting out when all risk of frost has passed in May. 

3) Make Up Celery Trenches. -  The trench should be 10-in. deep and 12-in. wide for a single row, 18-in. for double row. Manure the base and place soil over the top. Surplus soil should be rounded off at the sides and used for growing lettuce or beans until required for blanching the celery later. Most winter greens should be sown now such as broccoli & kales.

4) Spray Apples and Pears. - apparently now is the time to apply the second anti-scab spray of Bordeaux mixture, or a diluted lime-sulphur spray.

5) Planting Work. - Plant out broad beans. Plant out cauliflowers for succession. Make successional sowings of turnips and beetroot. Continue planting potatoes.

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