Thursday, 8 February 2018

February 4th Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 7 tasks this week :

1) Maintain Succession of Lettuces. - Put seedlings from earlier sowings in cold frames 8 inches apart, they can also be planted outside in open ground protected by cloches.

2) Break Down and Lime Soil. - Once clear of frost and the soil's dry commence breaking it down with a fork. It's a good time to apply lime at the same time.

3) Maintain Succession of Seakale and Rhubarb. - maintain successions from outdoor beds. Force some heads by covering with barrels or boxes.

4) Plant Onion Sets. - push them into the soil 12 inches apart by 6 inches.

5) Sow Parsnips, Broad Beans, Carrots, etc. - Plant autumn-sown onions now. Sow broad beans and parsnips. In warm spots or under cloches sow shorthorn carrots, beetroot and radishes. 

6) Sow Early Peas, Sprouts and Summer Carrots. - Sow early, round seeded dwarf peas as they are hardier and less likely to decay than wrinkled-seeded peas. Sow Brussels sprouts and summer cabbage in cold frames in shallow drills 6 or 9 inches apart.

7) Pot Cucumbers and Tomatoes. -  Recommends creating and preparing troughs 12-15inches wide 10 inches deep on the greenhouse benches to grow tomatoes in. Earlier sown cucumbers can be potted into 5-inch pots. Tomato seedlings should be potted into 3½ inch pots or 5inch pots if planting out is to be delayed.

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