Thursday, 8 February 2018

March 5th Week

According to Mr Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 8 tasks this week :

1) Maintain Succession of Potatoes. - Continue planting if the weather allows.

2) Sow Lettuce and Sweet Corn. - Sow indoors in seed trays.

3) Case Mushrooms Beds. - Examine the spawn to see if the threads are radiating then cover with a poor weed free soil.

4) Deal with Clubroot Disease. - Back in the 1940's they were permitting mercuric bicholride to be added to the watering can to water seedlings and used this solution when planting out seedlings.

5) Train Cucumbers. - Using wires in the greenhouse to train cucumbers up. Canes can be fastened to these wires.

6) Sow Root Crops Outside. - Carrots, beetroot and turnips can be sown outside now.

7) Look to Fruit and Pests. - Ventilate and spray with water fruit growing in greenhouses. Suggests using a nicotine wash to prevent insect attacks on greenhouse fruit.

8) Spray Apples and Pears. - It's shocking when you read what used to be permitted, lead arsenate spray to control caterpillars. Lime sulphur to control scab and for apples that are "sulphur shy" spray with Bordeaux mixture.

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