Thursday, 8 February 2018

April 4th Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 9 tasks this week :

1) Sow Calabrese, Pickling Onions and Garlic. - Brocolli can now be sown outside. Pickling onions can be sown. Shallots can have a dressing of fertilizer whilst hoeing between the rows. Onions planted out in March can now have a fertilizer dressing. Garlic can be planted.

2) Look to Your Frames. - Ridge cucumbers can now be sown. Ordinary cucumbers can be sown in frames. Celery is ideal for growing in cold frames.

3) Plant First Leeks. - It states there are two ways of growing leeks, planting in holes or in trenches 6 inches deep.

4) Cutting Asparagus. - Asparagus should be ready now and must be cut carefully. Cut the stalks when they're 4 or 5 in. tall with a sharp knife inserting the knife below the soil.

5) Sow Maincrop Beet. - The long-rooted varieties need a long season. The globe varieties will mature quickly. Salsify should be thinned to 6-in. apart.

6) Earth-up Potatoes; Prepare Marrow Beds. - Potatoes should be kept earthed up as they grow.  Prepare sites for marrows, dig a hole 18 in. square and 12 in. deep, fill with manure covered with good soil. 

7) Bark Ring Fruit Trees.- The removal of a narrow strip of bark from around the trunk or branch of fruit trees was done to control vigour and encourage fruiting. The RHS does not advise this for home gardeners as it can, if not done properly, lead to the loss of the tree.

8) Hunt Gooseberry Pests. - Look out for damage to leaves caused by the caterpillar of the magpie moth. It recommended spraying with derris which has been banned in the U.K. since 2009 after links to Parkinson's disease. 

9) Sow, Plant and Hoe. - Keep up with successional sowings. Celeriac seedlings need pricking out. Shallots should be dressed with fertilizer. Prepare the sites where your outdoor tomatoes are to grow. Thin salsify to 6 inches. Plant out parsley. Hoe around the base of fruit trees and bushes to keep weeds at bay.

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