Thursday, 16 November 2017

September 2nd Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 9 tasks this week :

1) Sow Cauliflowers Under Cloches. - Cauliflowers can be sown very thinly in a straight drill and covered with cloches. Thin out to 9 in. apart when they come through. Leave under the cloches all winter.

2) Advance Tomatoes. - Tomatoes grown in pots outdoors should now be moved into a greenhouse to finish off. All tomato plants should have their ripe fruit picked as this hastens the colouring of others.

3) Harvest Onions. - Without delay onions should now be harvested. If wet weather sets in then lift fairly soon otherwise the bulbs might soften.

4) Lift and Store Carrots. - Lift maincrop carrots as and when ready (when the foliage turns yellow). Do this when the weather is dry. Small quantities can be kept in the shed in boxes of sand. 

5) Plant Out and Sow Lettuce. - Plant out winter lettuce in a protected border. Sow lettuce for greenhouse culture.

6) Gather Peas and Haricots for Drying. - Peas growing for seed or drying should be pulled up, the haulms tied in bundles and hung in an open shed until the pods can be dealt with. Harvest haricot beans as the pods turn brown and the leaves wither. Treat the same way as the peas. 

7) Thin Out and Blanch Endive. - Thin out the endive seedlings that were sown earlier. Those that are fully grown in the open can be blanched, this is done by covering the plant with a box or large pot. Do not begin to blanch until the plant is fully grown.

8) Prepare for Fruit Planting. - Prepare for autumn planting of fruit trees and bushes as soon as possible. The digging of the soil should take priority so that it is in a good condition for planting.

9) Thin Spinach. - Thin spinach to 8-in. apart.

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