Thursday, 16 November 2017

October 4th Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 7 tasks this week :

1) Retard and Force Rhubarb. - Lift a root of rhubarb and leave exposed to the elements for a fortnight. The harder the weather the better as frost increases sugar in the root. This is known as retarding. To obtain sticks for Christmas in an open garden, forcing should begin now.

2) Nurse Parsley. - Parsley growing outside may grow well if its a mild winter but far better to grow some in a coldframe.

3) Plant Fruit Trees. - The fruit trees and bushes that were ordered in September may have arrived. As soon as they do, dig a trench, plant and cover with soil before firming. Ensure that plants are labelled.

4) Manuring. - Calculate quantity required. Order hop manure if other manures are unavailable. Dig-in green manure.

5) Sow and Plant. - Sow round seeded spinach in a cold frame. Plant lettuce in a cold frame or greenhouse watering carefully. Outside lettuces should be protected by cloches.

6) Prune Fruit. - Begin pruning fruit as soon as the leaves fall.

7) Ventilate Cauliflowers in Frames; Examine Fruit in Store.

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