Thursday, 16 November 2017

September 5th Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 13 tasks this week :

1) Lift and Store Chicory and Celeriac. - Lift roots of chicory and cut off the tops within an inch of the root. Store in sand outside until wanted for forcing. Lift celeriac and store the same way as turnips.  

2) Prepare Pea-Seed; Harvest Haricots. - Peas grown for seed and hung in a sunny place to finish off should now be shelled. Dry them out on a sunny window sill. Haricot beans sown late should be harvested and hung to dry in an airy place. 

3) Begin the Big Clean Up. - Cleaning up the allotment should now begin. All rottable refuse add to the compost heap. Coarse and diseased material burnt. Hedges clipped, the clippings also being burnt. Don't waste valuable fertiliser, save the ashes for use in potting soils or for use on the onion beds.

4) Bring in Tomatoes. -  Any tomato plants still outside should be cut and brought indoors to finish. The whole plant can be hung upside down only harvesting fruit as they ripen. 

5) Maintain Salads. - Maintain production of salads by supplies from outdoors, cloches and frames. Expect leaves rather than hearted lettuce.

6) Lift Radish; Feed Broccoli. - Large radish such as Black Spanish and China Rose should be ready for lifting. Store in sand like beet and carrot. Feed Broccoli which will mature before Christmas.

7) Finish Outdoor Peas. - Outdoor peas are coming to an end. Cut the tops, remove haulms but leave the roots in the soil for now.

8) Harvest Swedes. - Swedes can now be harvested. Get them into store and clear land for digging.

9)  Prepare Leeks for Seed. - Where leeks have been grown for seed the flowerheads may still be green. If so cut them with a long stalk and stand in water in the greenhouse like a cut flower. Once ripened hang upside in a dry place over paper to catch the seeds.

10) Harvest Fruit; Hoe. - Harvest fruits as ready and put in storeroom or attic. Hoe between rows of strawberries.

11) Order Fruit. - When fruit is to be planted, calculate the requirements and specify a November delivery.

12) Put in Cuttings. - Put in hardwood cuttings of currant and gooseberries. Cut them at lengths of 10-in. from this year's growth. All the buds are left on blackcurrants but only the top three or four are left on redcurrants and gooseberries. The lower ones that would be planted underground should be removed.

13) Prune Fruit. - Prune Morello cherries. Prune Loganberries and blackberries by cutting out the growths which have fruited this year. Tie in young shoots.


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