Sunday, 19 November 2017

November 4th Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 9 tasks this week :

1) Lift and Store Swede Turnips. - Swede turnips can remain outside a long time but it is worthwhile lifting a few, cutting off the tops and storing them in sacks. All tops along with other leaves should be used to finish off summer compost heaps. Begin a new heap to compost waste from the house and garden.

2) Clear Artichokes. - Lift and use Jerusalem Artichokes. Clear the ground of them but choose a few tubers for replanting purposes. Examine stored crops at regular intervals.

3) Examine Clamps. - It recommends looking at storage clamps after rain and to put down poison at the first sign of rats. 

4) Examine Onions and Shallots.- Well ripened onions should keep for a long time indoors. Onions grown during a rainy season will not have good keeping qualities. Use any showing signs of softening first. Decayed specimens should be burned. Shallots kept for planting should be turned over regularly, always keep double the quantity required to allow for losses.

5) Clear Mushrooms. - Mushroom beds should be cleaned out and replaced with new ones once the mushrooms are finished. The spent manure is ideal for use in soil mixtures or frames. 

6) Pick Kale. - Kale can now be picked and used. Carefully managed they should provide greens until June.

7) Examine Grease Bands. - Grease bands should be examined regularly removing any leaves or debris that might adhere to them.

8) Raise Carrots. - Young carrots can be grown in a deep frame if hot bed material isn't available.

9) Complete Summer Compost Heap and Begin New One, -

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