Thursday, 16 November 2017

November 2nd Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 8 tasks this week :

1) Use and Store Artichokes. - Start to use Jerusalem Artichokes, dig up as required.

2) Gather Sprouts. - Brussels sprouts can now be harvested. Rather than stripping one plant, remove the largest from the bottom of several plants by either twisting off or removing with a sharp knife. The tops can be used as greens.

3) Keep Forcing Rhubarb. - Take indoors the root lifted two weeks ago and plant in a corner or under the bench. Pack with soil, soak with water and shade with sacks to exclude all light. Keep the temperature around 55 ° F ( 13° C). Lift another clump for forcing later to keep up the supply.

4) Protect Broccoli. - Prepare to protect broccoli if hard weather threatens with straw and bracken although nowadays we'd use fleece for convenience. 

5) Finish Root-Pruning. - Complete root-pruning as soon as possible. Its purpose is to keep vigorous trees in check. 2½ft from the stem, dig a trench a foot wide and cut all the large roots which are exposed. 

6) Continue Branch-Pruning. - Ordinary pruning of branches should continue at every opportunity. Save suitable prunings for stake purposes the rest should be burned. Keep woolly aphis in check, they used to recommend spraying with tar-oil sprays or paraffin emulsion.

7) Sow Seeds. - Sow cress and mustard for succession. Sow French Breakfast radish in cold frames or greenhouse. Force chicory under greenhouse benches and blanch endive as required.

8) Look to Stores. - Control the temperature and ventilate where apples are stored. Inspect stored potatoes and pick out seed tubers.

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