Thursday, 16 November 2017

October 2nd Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 10 tasks this week :

1) Earth-up Leeks. - leeks as well as other winter greens should be given a good earthing up, even those grown in holes. This helps to blanch the stems whilst giving protection.

2) Cut Down and Weed Asparagus. - Cut down asparagus foilage and put for burning. Tidy up any weeds such as grass that have sprung up in the asparagus bed. As manure topped with soil to the bed.

3) Begin Digging. - Once clear of crops begin digging. Even digging a small piece at a time will soon see the task complete. 

4) Attend to Cabbage, Sprouts, Cauliflowers. - Hoe between rows for the last time. Use cabbages to supply greens. Sprouts will be soon ready for harvesting, remove yellowing leaves from the bottom. Cauliflower seedlings sown in September can now be pricked out into a cold frame.

5) Plant Lettuce in Greenhouse. - Once tomatoes are cleared in the greenhouse plant lettuce. Make successional sowings of mustard and cress.

6) Transplant Fruit. - Suckers from raspberries to be dug up and replanted to increase crops. Transplant fruit bushes if necessary. Year old currant and gooseberry cuttings can now be moved.

7) Store Apples. - Pick ripe fruit on dry days. Allow late-keeping apples to remain on the tree as long as possible. 

8) Grease-Banding Tips. - Complete grease-banding soon. Tie 6-9in. strips of greaseproof paper around the trunk and smear all around with special greases.

9) Lift and Store Salsify and Scorzonera; Store Unused Garlic; Sort and Clean Shallots.

10) Encourage Fruit Trees. - Old trees can be helped by replacing two or three inches of soil from around the base. Prune away dead branches.

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