Thursday, 16 November 2017

September 3rd Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 11 tasks this week :

1) Lift Potatoes. - Lift potatoes as soon as they're ready. Leave for a couple of hours on the surface to dry before storing. 

2) Build-up Compost. - As crops finish remove any remains and add them to the compost heap. Hard cabbage stems should be chopped up. Diseased potato tops and brassica stumps affected by clubroot should be burned.

3) Plant Out Cabbage. - Plant out spring cabbage. Draw triangular drills 6-in. deep and put the cabbage at the bottom 18-in. apart. After Christmas begin harvesting alternate plants to use as early greens. 

4) Lift and Store Carrots. - Lift carrots and store in dry sand.

5) Earth-up and Protect Celery. - Earth up celery a little more. Sprinkle salt between the rows to protect from slugs.

6) If Frost Comes. - Cut all marrows if frost arrives and put them in a cool airy room to store. Small immature small ones can be used up in the kitchen whilst the ripe ones will keep for some time.

7) Ripen Outdoor Tomatoes. - Now is the time to harvest all the fruit to ripen indoors in trays exposed to daylight. 

8) Work with the Hoe. - Use the hoe to keep down the weeds between winter crops.

9) Lift Onions. - Lift the onions previously bent over and leave them on the surface of the soil so that the roots are exposed to the sun. Ease out with a fork to avoid damaging the base. If there is a risk of pilfering or the weather is wet take the onions inside an airy shed to dry off. 

10) Prepare for Wall Fruit Planting. - If you plan to plant any fruit trees against walls then make up the borders now. Put grease bands around the trunks of fruit trees. 

11) Order Manure. - Now is the time to buy manure ready for a new round of digging.

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