Saturday, 24 June 2017

July 4th Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 10 tasks this week :

1) Stop Outdoor Tomatoes : - Pinch out the tops of the plants once they have three trusses of flowers - leaving two leaves at the top of each plant.
2) Dress Sprouts, Seakale , Beans, Celery : -
3) Sow Spring Cabbage : -
4) Treat Lanky Artichokes : - If Jerusalem Artichokes become too tall they're in danger of being blown over. Remedy this by cutting down to a height of 4 feet by removing the tops.
5) Onions, Final Stages : -
6) Sow Radishes and Endive ; Thin Salsify : -
7) Fill Vacant Space : - Fill all vacant space, including blanks which have appeared in earlier sowings of winter greens, with late greens or leave for spring cabbage, occupying the space with salads in the meantime.
8) Spray Potatoes : - Spray potatoes with Bordeaux mixture to cover new foliage. Burgundy mixture can also be used.
9) Care for Fruit : -
10) Preserve Fruit : -

2017 Harvesting potatoes as and when needed this week.

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