Thursday, 3 August 2017

August 1st Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 10 tasks this week :

1) Use Onions. -
2) Sow Cabbage, Spinach and Lettuce. -
3) Earth-up Celery. -
4) Sow Onions. -
5) Help on Tomatoes. -
6) Prune Blackcurrants.-
7) Destroy Wasp Nests. -
8) Dig New Strawberry Bed.-
9) Attack Fruit Pests.-
10) Sow Corn Salad. - Sow corn salad (lamb's lettuce) in rows, 1 foot apart.

2017 - Finally got around to pruning the Jerusalem Artichokes down to the 4 feet in height mark. Harvested more Arran Pilot potatoes. Cleared the onion bed and planted broad beans in their place. Completed a lot of weeding but must keep on top of it. Checked on the compost bins to check on their various stages of decomposition to see which is ready first for using as a mulch.
In the kitchen I have blackcurrants to transform into jam, courgette into spicy fritters whilst making sure none of my harvests go to waste.

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