Sunday, 11 June 2017

June 5th Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 8 tasks this week :

1) Gather Beans. - He recommends picking beans while they're young and tender to encourage the plants to bear more. Pinch off the growing points of runner beans once they reach the top of their stakes. Give water or feed with liquid manure as pods develop.

2) Shallots and Garlic. - February planted shallots will be ripening and to assist ripening the soil should be pulled away from the cloves. Keep weeding between the rows of garlic as they'll be ready for harvesting soon.

3) Sow Corn Salad. - make a small sowing of corn salad or lamb's lettuce now in drills 6 or 8 inches apart thinning later to 6 inches.

4) Liquid Manure. - Seakale growing will benefit from a soaking of liquid manure. As we're not all fortunate to have access to farmyard manure. Mr Middleton then explains you can make liquid manure by filling a sack with manure and suspending it in a tub of water and other forms of liquid manure can be made by dissolving fertilizers in water.

5) Sow Endive and Radish. - sow moss curled endive now to provide an autumn crop. Sow seeds in a tray, in a frame or seedbed to be transplanted later on 12inches apart each way. Make successional showings of radish to keep up supply - white icicle can be sown for autumn use.

6) Easy with the New Potatoes! - It's wasteful to dig them all up whilst they are small only harvest what is required for immediate use.Earth up second earlies and maincrop as needed. It's not necessary to water potatoes. Maincrop carrots should receive a light dressing of fertilizer hoed in.

7) Plant Maincrop Leeks. - plant leeks now to obtain adequate growth before winter. Make another sowing of white turnips and dwarf French beans.

8) Fruit Needs Attention. - Summer pruning can begin. Plums and sweet cherries first. Nectarines, peaches and Morello cherries are NOT summer pruned.

2017 : I'd been on holiday this week returning on the 30th. First observations were that the pigeons had been causing havoc in my absence - sweetcorn, beans and peas all severely attacked. Strawberries scattered everywhere as if the birds had been having a food fight.

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