Sunday, 11 June 2017

June 3rd Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 9 tasks this week :

1) Careful With The Watering Can!- He reminds us that plants become dependent on artificial water supplies so only water when necessary. In fact, he states do not water until you must, and then give it a thorough soaking.

2) Finish Asparagus - give the asparagus bed a top dressing of fertiliser or water with liquid manure.

3) Wage War On Pests - keep an eye out for pests on crops and deal with them as soon as they're seen.

4) Celery, Beans and Cauliflower - cover the heads of cauliflower by bending the leaves over. Pinch out the tops of broad beans to combat blackfly. Celery should be fed with liquid manure and it's recommended to dust old soot over the foliage to distract celery fly.

5) Celeriac and Tomatoes - Feed with liquid manure. Tomatoes grown in the greenhouse now will give fruit into winter.  

6) Sow Final Carrots : Plant Leeks and Broccoli - Make what will probably be the last sowing of short-horn carrots.

7) Top Dress Cucumbers - Apply an inch or two top dressing around indoor plants using a mixture of loam, leaf mould, sand and fertiliser.

8) Nurse Raspberries and Other Berries. - weed in between. Mulch and feed with liquid manure.

9) Thin Out Fruit Trees. - June drop is when apple & pear trees shed a proportion of their fruits naturally. To prevent an overabundance of small fruit further thinning may be necessary, removing any diseased or malformed fruits first.

2017 - harvested 3lb 3oz of Spinach.

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