Saturday, 24 June 2017

July 3rd Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 12 tasks this week :

1) Train Cucumbers. -  Train cucumbers as required. Pinch out the growing point after every second leaf. From the first leaf joint allow only one cucumber to develop. From the second joint allow one fruit and the growth bud to develop. Let this bud grow on and stop at the second leaf. In the greenhouse tie to wires. In frames let them grow over the soil.

2) Plant Out Broccoli. - He recommends Methven's Late June as a good hardy variety. Plant our late-heading broccoli without haste. If the weather's dry puddle the roots.

3) Clear Strawberry Beds For Greens. -   Beds over three years old, once harvested, should be cleared and planted up with winter greens.   

4) Attack Onion Mildew. - If onion mildew appears (the white fungus on the collar of young bulbs), pull up the badly infected plants, dusting the remainder of the bed with flowers of sulphur.

5) Feed Beet. - Use globe beet as and when ready. Feed late sown crops. Remove flower heads from any that run to seed and use the roots immediately.

6) Sow Spinach; Feed Marrows. - Sow perpetual spinach to supply leaves in the winter. Feed marrows to encourage the fruit to swell. It recommends using whilst only a foot long.
7) More Sowing, Planting and Thinning. - Coleworts sown in late May can now be planted out. Thin out chicory to 9in apart. Plant late celery. Make a late sowing of dwarf peas to crop in September.

8) Forestall or Destroy Pests. - Keep carrots and celery dusted with old soot, apparently it discourages fly and aids leaf and plant growth. Watch and destroy slugs and snails. 

9) Examine Tomatoes For Disease. - Watch out for stripe disease on indoor tomatoes, it attacks the top of the plant first. This virus disease presents itself as black marks down the main stem. Cut the plants back to below where the stripes show. 

10) Sever Strawberries. - Runners that have been layered and now rooted can now be severed from the parent. Don't allow those in pots to dry out.

11) Cut Out Diseased Fruit Branches. - Branches of plums attacked by silver leaf should be cut out. Any dead branches in other fruits such as gooseberries should be cut and burned. Complete fruit thinning quickly.

12) Attack Weeds. - Keep weeds under control and don't let them set seed.

2017 With graduation week just over I've been rather busy and shall have to complete this entry next week. - I finally got around to typing up this week on the 18th July 2021

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