Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Serendipity And Free Seeds

  According to Wiki the word serendipity was first used on January 28th 1754 which makes that word 260 years old today .
 As for me I've had a moment of serendipity too. A seed company that I purchased from last year also has a forum and for 2014 they are holding a growing competition and although I read it and thought maybe , possibly I might give it a go I actually did nothing and then last week I got a Tweet from SeedParade asking if I wanted to join in the growing competition and in return they would send me out free seeds . I had purchased seeds several times in 2013 from SeedParade and I am pleased to say that they performed quite well providing me and my family with vegetables that I would never have been able to purchase in the supermarkets. So I accepted the challenge at the weekend and I am pleased to say that the seeds arrived :

Pumpkin Dill's Atlantic Giant 6 seeds £1.39 somehow I was sent 2 packets of these.

 Seeing that postage from SeedParade is £1.79 it seems that I am already a winner of sorts before I even start the competition by saving the grand total of £10.52 before I even begin . May the sowing commence, Serendipity indeed!

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