Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year and The First Harvest of 2014

Jerusalem Artichokes grown from tubers planted in March 2013

My first Hamburg Parsley harvested.
Well first of all may I wish a Happy New Year to anybody reading this .
It may be January 1st but I have been to the allotment  today and have harvested 2.114 Kg of Jerusalem Artichokes , 60 grams of Kale leaves and 125 grams of Curly Kale as well as 62 grams of Spinach leaves and my first Hamburg Parsley weighing 81 grams .
I'm trying something different in 2014 and that is that I'm going to try and record my harvests so that I can see just how much I'm producing towards the family's food.

Darkness is falling quickly as I left.

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