Sunday, 12 January 2014

Planting Christmas Presents

Several of my Christmas presents had been packs of bulbs . It possibly would have been easier had I not been suffering from a chest infection ,heavy rain ,etc. but as it is it was now January 10th so I had to get these bulbs in to the ground . 4 packs of Tulips (Lucky Strike x 8 bulbs , Red Revival x 10 bulbs , Queen of Night x 8 bulbs , Giuseppe Verdi x 10 bulbs ) were all planted in a small bed that we have by the backdoor at home . 

In a hanging basket that it just above this bed I planted 30 pink and yellow gallium ( Ostrowskianum and Moly) . In the centre of these I planted 10 Snowdrop (Galanthus Woronowii)  bulbs . 

At this point the heavy rain that we have been having this past week started again so I was unable to continue . We ended up going out shopping where I managed to pick up a fire basket for under £7 which will come in handy to burn woody and diseased prunings on .
I know this has nothing to do with allotments but what I did find in my first year of having an allotment was that my gardens at home despite only being small were getting neglected so hopefully in 2014 I can combine the two and also incorporate the kitchen after all that is where most of the harvest will end up .

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