Wednesday, 1 June 2022

June 2022


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June 1st Week
June 2nd Week
June 3rd Week
June 4th Week
June 5th Week

1st (Wednesday) Visited the allotment. Harvested Mexican tree spinach and lemon balm. Used the lemon balm that evening to brew herbal tea which was consumed the same day. Spent 1 hour weeding mainly nettle seedlings, cleavers and bindweed. Noticed rust on some of the leaves of the Concorde pear tree and so pruned away all affected parts. Pruned one of the small plum trees. Other observations were that the apples were steadily growing on the tree but "June drop" had begun with around 20 unformed apples on the ground,
 Had a meeting with my local council allotment officers on Tuesday evening regarding the process of our allotment site becoming devolved managed. Rather perplexed by the lengthy GDPR documents they gave us with all manner of details unnecessary for an allotment tenant. Ended up writing a letter to the National Allotment Society for some advice that might be more in keeping with allotments.
 Visited the community garden as I went to drop off some wood which was being donated from a local church.
2nd (Thursday) Received a phone call from one of the devolved managed allotment site secretaries this afternoon regarding allotment co-workers. His question was do the co-workers have to live in the borough and can an individual be a co-worker on several plots. I said I would forward his questions to the council for an official response. Seeing that it is the first of the Platinum Jubilee bank holidays today I am not expecting a speedy reply. I was supposed to be having a sabbatical from the role of allotment federation secretary. 
 Visited the allotment. Harvested a lettuce, some gooseberries and a selection of salad leaves (mizuna, ruby streaks, wild rocket and young Mexican tree spinach).
 Observations: green fly on the plum tree prunings from yesterday. The peas sown 2 weeks ago are making steady progress whilst the earlier sown Ne Plus Ultra peas are now over 6 feet in height.
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