Friday, 11 August 2017

August 2nd Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 11 tasks this week :

1) Feed Tomatoes. - Feed as necessary, those indoors with lots of fruit should be fed weekly. Vary the feed between general fertiliser and liquid manure. Give a top dressing of compost when roots become visible on the surface. Never fill pots or borders to the surface with compost as the water will run off. 

2) Sow, Harvest and Protect Onions. - Sow onions such as White Lisbon. Harvest pickling onions when they're ready. 

3) Lift Beetroot. - Lift globe beetroots that are ready as they will become course if left in the ground.

4) Stake Peas. - unless you sown dwarf varieties last month then the peas must be staked..

5) Earth-up Celery. -  Use up the crops sown either side of the celery trench and begin to earth-up the celery.

6) Sow and Thin Radish and Cabbage. - thin winter radish and make another sowing. Make another sowing of spring cabbage, prick out those sown in July.

7) Preserve Beans. - It recommends preserving surplus harvest by pickling in salt using a ration of 1lb of salt to 8lbs of beans.

8) Complete Summer Pruning. - Prune blackcurrants as the fruit is cleared. Complete summer pruning of the fruit trees as soon as possible to aid fruit ripening. 

9) Clean up Strawberry Beds, and Make New Ones. - Remove dead leaves and straw. Prepare a new strawberry bed when the opportunity arises. Look after young plants and pot on runners in 3½-in pots and keep shaded for several days.

10) Don't Water Peaches. - don't feed peaches and nectarines that are ripening. Pick as they ripen.

11) Late Sown Beet. - Should be thinned until 6 inches apart. If aphids appear on cabbage then spray with nicotine.

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