Wednesday, 23 August 2017

August 3rd Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 11 tasks this week :

1) Watch for Mildew. - look out for mildew on peas which comes as the plant ends cropping. It recommends pilling the plant when mildew arrives. If mildew appeared earlier they suggested to dust the plant with flowers of sulphur.

2) Prick Out Cabbage. - prick out the spring cabbage now ready but protect them from birds with netting.

3) Earth-up and Feed Leeks. - Earth up early leeks and feed with liquid manure.

4) Sow and Plant Endive. - Make the last sowing of Batavian endive outdoors and later prick out into coldframes. Plant out moss-curled endive a foot apart.

5) Feed Marrows and Asparagus. - Feed marrows and asparagus with liquid manure. Use up the marrow fruits when they are young and soft.

6) Harvest Haricot Beans. - The earliest haricot beans will now be ready for harvesting. Pull the plants up when the pods have turned brown, tie in bunches and hang head downwards in an open shed.

7) Harvest, Protect and Prune Fruit. - Peaches and nectarines when harvested prune out old fruiting wood. Cut back to where young growth is emerging from.Pick early pears and store for a few days before use. Pear trees carrying large fruits could benefit from fish nets supported underneath to catch fruits they could be damaged should the winds blow.

8) Prepare Storage. - Get the loft/room/shed where you will store your fruit ready. Ventilate it, sweep it out and clean down the walls and surfaces. Nets no longer in use should be cleaned and stored away. During winter make any necessary repairs.

9) Prune Cherries. - Morello cherries growing on walls should now be pruned as soon as the fruit is harvested. The fruited wood is also cut out with these.

10) Plant Out Strawberries. - Plant out strawberry runners on a new bed, 30in between rows wit plants being 15in apart. Firm the ground around the plant but don't bury the crowns.

11) Sow Onions Out of Doors ; Sow Prickly Spinach in Rows 12 in. apart ; Plant Out Lettuce ; Use Cauliflowers Before they Bolt.


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