Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Week Ending the 5th February 2012

The weather changed a lot this week with severe frost , hailstones and plenty of ice . Before the weather turned too much below freezing ,on Thursday 2nd February ,I was able to plant some rhubarb root (that I had found) in the bed I had dug on the 26th January . I covered this with some blue plastic bag that had once littered the plot. I noticed that in my absence Billy had dropped of 3 fence posts that he had shown me the other week. On my exit from the allotment site I met a guy who offered to get me a key cut for the pedestrian gate so I gave him £2 and said I would pick the key up from the keycutters the following afternoon totally unaware that the key cutter was on holiday this week so chances are that I might not see any return for that £2.
 On Friday 3rd February the big freeze was on so I only made a brief visit to the plot just to show my wife what progress had taken place since the last time she saw the place last . Thankfully she was impressed.
The glass pixie's work

I can't wait to erect the fence posts.

It's getting there , all I need is a fence,gate ,shed and some plants.
 Sunday 5th February and as the ice began to melt in the afternoon I took the opportunity to drop off several wooden pallets that I had had stored in my back garden since just before Christmas. I noticed the glass pixies had been busy with 2 broken bottles appearing on the plot , one being down a fence post. The post holes were full of water but I took the opportunity to dig them a touch deeper.

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