Sunday, 19 February 2012

Up To Week Ending 19th February 2012

Asparagus roots before planting.

View of plot 44 from outside

View of Plot 44 from the gate.

The mini rose bushes.
I didn't have any free time this week due to redecorating my son's bedroom at home so it was sunday 19th February before I got to visit and then it was only for a hour . I had gone along with a dozen blackcurrant cuttings, 3 asparagus roots and 12 mini rose bushes .
 When I arrived I noticed a dozen strawberry plants that had been left behind the gate of my plot by the holders of plot43 so I wasted no time in planting those along with the dozen blackcurrant cuttings in the bed next to the chain link fence.
The blackcurrant cuttings

 I then planted the 3 asparagus roots in the bed on the left in front of the fruit bed and check on the rhubarb I planted the other week . The rhubarb was just beginning to show through the surface of the soil so I replaced the cover on them .
Rhubarb shoots appearing.

 Although I had intended to only grow vegetables on the plot I had spotted a dozen mini rose bushes reduced down in price to 75p for the lot as they were remnants from Valentines so I purchased them and planted them in front of the raised yellow bed .
With the ground being softer this week I was able to back fill the post holes today in the fence to complete that job .
 So all in all it was a productive hour well spent.

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