Thursday, 23 February 2012

Potatoes And Paint

 Today was a very bizarre February day as temperatures reached 19 degrees Celsius in some parts of the U.K. . I took the opportunity late in the afternoon to pay a visit to the allotment . I loaded up the car with the last two pallets I had from just before Christmas , hammer and netting hooks along with the netting rolls I had bought yesterday , fence paint and an old paintbrush and finally a spade and the 16 Vales Emerald potatoes I had had chitting from 3rd January .
 Since early January I have been chitting potatoes in our dining room at home and hopefully today I shall be able to plant some up at the allotment. Overall I have the following collection :
16 Vales Emerald (began chitting 3rd January 2012)
12 Cultra (began chitting 12th January 2012)
25 Maris Peer (began chitting 12th January 2012)
5 Saxon (9th February 2012)
10 Desiree (16th February 2012)
Daylight had gone before I finished planting the Vales Emerald
Total spent so far = just 50p.
The fence once painted.

 I arrived at the allotment around 4p.m. and promptly began painting the fence . Once I had completed the painting I quickly began to hammer the rolls of netting to the posts between my plot and plot 45 - sadly I didn't have enough netting to complete the job and ideally I could do with quite a few cable ties to neaten and strengthen the netting so that it can act as a form of fencing. 
 That was all done and the time was now 5.45p.m. and daylight was fading very quickly now. I returned to the car to get the 2 pallets, potatoes and spade .It's amazing how much longer the walk from the main gates to plot 44 is once your arms are full. Anyway I put the pallets on the plot where I want the compost heap to be and quickly set about planting the potatoes in two ridges hastily dug in the bed that contains the apple tree.
 All done & dusted and back in the car driving home at 6p.m. 
Thanks for reading, Paul.

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