Friday, 19 May 2017

May 3rd Week

According to My Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 8 tasks this week :

1) Thinning and Planting.- Plant out seedlings from the seedbed and frames as they're necessary.  If the frosts have finished then tender crops can be set out too. Thin/prick out seedlings from April's sowings before their roots become tangled. 

2) How is Your Plan Working?- When working without a plan it's very easy to end up with no space for the essential crops. Planning and successional sowing extend the harvests.

3) Plant Out Lettuce.- Cos lettuce raised under glass may be planted out now 12 in. apart. A few seeds can be sown outside to provide a succession. Never allow lettuce seedlings to become crowded as it weakens the plants instead thin and use the thinnings in salads.

4) Sow Maincrop Carrots and Beet.- Maincrop carrots and beetroot can now be sown.

5) More Sowing of Spinach.- Further sowings of spinach and New Zealand can be made now.

6) Fertilize and Hoe.- Well established crops may now be given a light sprinkling of general fertilizer. Hoe frequently between rows of crops to work in the fertilizer whilst keeping weeds at bay. Do not allow weeds to flower and set seed.

7) Sow Peas.- The final sowing of varieties of tall peas should be made now.

8) Attend to Fruit.- Apples and pears may be given their last spray of Bordeaux mixture to control scab disease as soon as the petals have fallen. Water well if the weather is dry. Feed raspberries with fertilizer or liquid manure.

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