Sunday, 15 June 2014

Father's Day On The Plot

 Since my last update I have managed several visits to the allotment which has usually been spent weeding today was no exception but I did manage some planting.
 I managed to remove most of the nettles and my hands are now paying the price. If left unchecked the weeds soon take over at this time of year.
 Inside the polytunnel I planted various tomato seedlings that I had growing at home (Temptation , Tiger-stripped and some grown from free seeds from the Dolmio company) along with some Aubergine seedlings. The grapevine planted last year has really started to thrive.
 Elsewhere in the bed in front of the polytunnel the beans I planted a few weeks ago are growing well and the peas planted last week have started to germinate . I planted more Runnerbeans along the right hand side of the bed now to slowly tackle the rest of the plot.

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