Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Week Ending 26th May 2012 A Fruit Cage Is Born

How things were on the 22nd May 2012
Well Sunday the 20th was a no show. On Monday I spotted some pink flowered strawberries growing wild on one of the entrances to the allotment site so by the Tuesday they had made their way to on to my allotment. Weeding tasks were occurring daily as the weeds were growing with vigour this week . It had been a very hot and dry week so I took the opportunity to bring those 10 decking boards ,I had bought as I was constructing the shed base , home whilst I cut them using a circular saw to use in 2 projects . 2 lengths were cut to use as a seat in the shed and the other eight lengths were sawn into 3 lengths each ready to construct a fruit cage. On the Tuesday evening I used 4 of the fruit cage poles Billy had given me back in March to build a  support for fruit canes using a scaffold bar that I found on Saturday last week . On Wednesday I did the sawing and on Thursday I began to construct the rear frame for the fruit cage . On Friday daytime I constructed the front frame of the fruit cage and on Saturday the top bars were added and the whole frame was painted . As we were working late we even managed to attach netting to the structure apart from the entrance and both the end panels .
24th May 2012

What had been done by the end of 25th May 2012
Side view of work done by the end of 26th May 2012

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