Monday, 14 May 2012

Week Ending 19th May 2012

Sunday and Monday I was unable to visit although it did rain heavily in the evenings. On Tuesday however I was able to make 2 one hour visits . In the morning I popped into the shed and fixed the chest of drawers and did a quick tidy up afterwards. In the evening although it was late I was able to finish cutting holes in the vinyl and replant the strawberries that the guys from plot 43 had given me a few months back. On Wednesday I spent 3 hours in the afternoon levelling off the beds that were going to be inside the fruitcage. So that task was completed along with all the weeding. I now have only where the blackcurrant cuttings are growing to level off . Compared to what the plot was like 5 months ago I think it has come along good. Thursday morning was a brief visit just to measure up for the intended fruit cage . Now I have rough plans drawn .
 Friday was a no visit day and Saturday was only a brief visit to do a spot of raking.

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