Monday, 31 January 2022

February 2022

 Here are the links to Mr. Middleton's tasks for the month of February:

1st Tuesday,  
2nd Wednesday
3rd Thursday
4th Friday
5th Saturday 
6th Sunday
7th Monday
8th Tuesday
9th Wednesday
10th Thursday
11th Friday
12th Saturday
13th Sunday 
14th Monday
15th Tuesday 
16thWednesday Storm Dudley arrives. Wind and rain and much unsuitable for outdoor work.
17th Thursday Visited the allotment. Pruned some of the gooseberry bushes and began filling the hole in where the fig tree had been lifted from.
18th Friday Storm Eunice, a brief visit to the allotment today. 
19th Saturday Rain all day, attempted to do some lavender cuttings from the garden.
20th Sunday Storm Franklin, visited the allotment, surveyed the damage to my neighbour's plots and brought home some compost and seed trays for sowing at home.
21st Monday the storms continue today with endless rain and wind with localised flooding.
22nd Tuesday and more stormy weather.
23rd Wednesday and constant rain today.
24thThursday Snow and hailstones outside today. Russian invade Ukraine threatening the peace most of Europe has thrived in since 1945.
25th Friday Brief visit to the allotment. Harvested some kale and emptied the kitchen caddy in the compost bin.
26th Saturday Spent the day at the community garden planting trees and weeding.
27th Sunday sunny day turning to showering rain in the evening. (Made parsnip soup) 
28th Monday constant wind and rain today. Harvested indoor-grown oyster mushrooms today.

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