Wednesday, 1 September 2021

September 2021

 Links to Mr. Middleton's tasks 1st

 (please note that I have not updated all these tasks at present) :

1st (Wednesday)
2nd (Thursday)
3rd (Friday)
4th (Saturday)
5th (Sunday)
6th (Monday)
7th (Tuesday)
8th (Wednesday)
9th (Thursday)
10th (Friday)
11th (Saturday)
12th (Sunday)
13th (Monday)
14th (Tuesday)
15th (Wednesday)
16th (Thursday) 
17th (Friday) Visited the community garden and began fitting the batons on the polytunnel ready for the polythene cover to go on.
18th (Saturday) At the community garden finally fitted the cover on the polytunnel along with the first set of doors.
19th (Sunday) Returned to the community garden to fit the second set of doors. Visited the allotment, harvested the following; 206g gourd, 527g courgette, 859g runner beans, 40g Mexican tree spinach, 331g apples, 612g pears.
20th (Monday) Visited the allotment late afternoon. Shown a prospective new tenant their plot. Harvested 31g salad leaves, 543g onions, 707g apples, 315g cucumber.
21st (Tuesday)
22nd (Wednesday)
23rd (Thursday)
24th (Friday)
25th (Saturday)
26th (Sunday)
27th (Monday)
28th (Tuesday)
29th (Wednesday)
30th (Thursday)

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